Ad of the Day: Quizno’s

Quizno’s (2009): “Tasty Torpedo”

Not sure how closely y’all have been paying attention to ads from Quizno’s over the years, but there’s sort of a consensus (at least in my office): they’re definitely strange. We’ve seen furry, unknown creatures (maybe lemurs?) and various “Singimals”—dogs, cats and squirrels. Currently on Quizno’s YouTube channel, they have THE strangest spots promoting their Bacon Chicken Dipper (click here to see my most favorite one outta the four).


Anywho, I digress… Back to this “Ad of the Day!” During a creative brainstorm meeting today, my Production Manager brought up the ad above because we were talking about innuendoes and food. Like any Quizno’s ad, this is ALL kinds of wrong. However, you have to give props to the actor—the man did an excellent job portraying the “I’m uncomfortably having sexual tension with an oven” persona. Gee, I wonder what his motivation was…